Model United Nations Summit 2024

Applications from teachers to nominate a team are now open! Click here to register your interest.


We are also arranging a teacher briefing for all interested teachers on the 4th of October. Click here to register.

Model United Nations is an educational simulation where students are able to learn about international relations and the United Nations, developing skills in diplomacy, public speaking and critical thinking.

Teachers will nominate teams of three students (and one reserve) to work as delegates who represent a country with the aim of solving real-world problems. Our summit will focus on delegates creating a roadmap to peace for Israel-Palestine. 

The 3-day summit will involve debates, as well as writing working papers and draft resolutions which will be voted on by all delegates during the final day. For a resolution to be passed, it must receive a majority vote. All delegates will receive certificates demonstrating their hard work and participation in the summit, with awards being given for “Best Policy Paper” and “Distinguished Delegates”.

How do I apply?

To express interest for your school team to take part as delegation to Solutions Not Sides 2nd Annual Model UN Summit, please use the sign-up form here.

Please note that there are a limited number of spaces.

Deadline for teachers to express interest is October 6th! We are running a teacher briefing for anyone who wants to find out more before signing up - this takes place October 4th at 16.30 - just click here to register.

Deadline for student applications is 5th November 2023 - look out for this form once your school has signed up.

For more information or if you have any questions, contact Tasha at [email protected]


When is it?



Where is it?

TBC - Location is likely in a city like London, Lancaster, Leeds, Birmingham or Manchester.


Who is it for?

Students in Years 10 to 13.


How will students prepare for the summit?

Successful participants will be invited to attend monthly webinars and workshops to prepare them for the summit.


What happens during the summit?

During the 3-day summit, students will be acting as delegates representing an assigned country which they would have researched beforehand in our preparations sessions throughout the year. They will be involved in debates and discussions about creating a roadmap to peace, whilst writing working papers and resolutions both in their team and with other delegate teams.


What is the topic of the summit?

The summit will involve delegates creating a roadmap to peace for Israel-Palestine, looking at issues, foundations of peace, political processes and maintenance of peace in the future.


What does SNS promote?

You can see our guiding ethos laid out in our programme principles. When it comes to the conflict in Israel-Palestine, we believe in centering Israeli & Palestinian voices, and that any solution must include an end to both the occupation and the conflict, and a win-win outcome. As an educational programme, our focus is on teaching the skill of empathy, providing humanising encounters that break down barriers and challenge prejudice, and teaching about embracing complexity and the value of critical thinking.


How much is it?

Suggested Donation of £600 per team (£200 per student, teacher attends free). However, we do not want there to be any barriers for students to attend and we can discuss budget restrictions upon success of an application.


What happens afterwards?

After the summit students will become part of the SNS Student Network. This means that you will receive one-on-one mentoring and support from us for any activities you want to do in your schools/communities/campuses, including access to micro-grant funding. You will also have connections with dozens of Israeli and Palestinian peace activists and hundreds of our alumni, be invited to speak at our events, can be part of our blogging programme, volunteer & intern with SNS as well as coming to our school sessions, are invited to reunions, events, and other activities.


How do I apply?

To express interest for your school team to take part as delegation to Solutions Not Sides 2nd Annual Model UN Summit, please email Tasha at [email protected]

Individual student registration will take place after a teacher nominates your school / team, so if you're a keen student please ask your teacher to get in touch!