About us

Solutions Not Sides is an education programme that exists to provide humanising encounters, diverse narratives and critical-thinking tools in order to empower young people with the knowledge, empathy and skills to promote dialogue and conflict resolution, and to challenge prejudice in the UK.

It enables young people to see those affected as fellow human beings, helping them to understand and embrace the complexity of the problem, and empowering them towards seeking solutions.

You can read our Declaration of Principles regarding our approach to the conflict in Israel-Palestine here.

The project intervenes in a cycle of partisanship and intolerance by supporting young people to develop empathy for individuals on both sides of conflict as fellow human beings. In the current political climate of simplistic binary debates, win-lose objectives, polarisation and rising racism, it is vital that the next generation of British citizens develops the capacity to embrace and celebrate our diversity, and the skills to navigate difference and conflict.

Our partners


  • Educational sessions for secondary schools ages 14-18
  • Educational sessions for youth groups ages 14-18
  • Leadership skills training for ages 16-19
  • Training sessions for teachers, educators and community leaders