Solutions Not Sides Statement 17 APRIL 2024

Solutions Not Sides

Solutions Not Sides is an impartial education charity which supports young people to speak about the Israel and Palestine conflict. We do this by bringing a Palestinian and an Israeli into their classroom so pupils can hear their perspectives. 

We facilitate a conversation, in a safe space, for pupils to ask questions, share their views, and learn from each other. 

Our workshops are about providing humanising encounters, diverse narratives and critical-thinking tools to empower young people with the knowledge, empathy and skills to promote dialogue and conflict resolution and to challenge prejudice in the UK.

Last month we were made aware of a tweet by Solutions Not Sides’ Education Director Josh Dubell before he joined the charity in January which fell below the standards we expect of our staff. 

It was important to Josh that he publicly apologise and he wants to undergo additional training to understand the impact Islamophobia has on members of the Muslim community in the UK.

Our ethos is one of non-violence, equality for all and the rejection of hatred, values which all our staff sign up to. It is important to remember that people sometimes, in the heat of the moment, say things they later regret. This happens in-person and online, especially at times of heightened tension. 

We will stand by our staff who apologise and are willing to learn when they say things which fall below the standards we expect.

Conflict resolution requires people to have difficult conversations and to admit when they are wrong. Peace is built by people who know when to apologise and are willing to learn lessons of empathy.