Israel-Palestine Education: Critical Thinking About Win-Win Solutions

Bringing the voices of Palestinian and Israeli peace builders to British schools

Why SNS?

The skills of dialogue, respectful disagreement, active listening, and critical thinking are being eroded because of disinformation and polarisation - powered by social media and populist politics. The issue of Israel-Palestine is one of the topics where this is most acute, causing tension, racism and hatred in Britain and we stand against this.


What are the values and skills that SNS brings?

Solutions Not Sides has been teaching skills of empathy, active listening, communication, critical thinking and conflict resolution through exploration of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict since 2010. Our programme is based on three key values: non-violence, equality for all, and the rejection of hatred.


Schools that work with Solutions Not Sides become confident and compassionate spaces for solutions-focused learning and discussion around this topic. Long term outcomes are reduced antisemitism, Islamophobia, and polarisation.