Our thoughts on the historic and ongoing violence in Israel-Palestine

Sharon Booth

As we witness the heartrending wheel of violence in Israel-Palestine turn again, we are devastated to share that one of our Fellows has suffered terrible loss among his family, including six children, one of them a baby. Words are hard to find in the face of this. First and foremost, these were innocent little ones from whom the opportunity to live has been taken. Our thoughts are with him and his family and with all those who are mourning the loss of their loved ones in Gaza, and Israel.

Over the past decade, we have had the privilege of giving voice to an alternative paradigm via the voices and stories of hundreds of Israeli and Palestinian peace activists. This paradigm gives us a sense of belonging to each other across the usual social divisions of nationalism and othering.

Instead of Israelis vs. Palestinians and their respective camps of supporters internationally, the alternative paradigm is those who seek solutions to end the conflict vs. those who support one side against the other and can fuel the conflict. 

SNS is a platform in the UK for those Palestinian and Israeli voices. This group is made up of courageous Palestinians and Israelis who look to their own societies and hold their own leaders to account. Who say ‘no’ to the ultra-nationalist provocations, and ‘no’ to the decision-makers who are ultimately responsible for killing and injuring people.

It is a place where those of us who want a just and peaceful future for them can unite, regardless of whether we feel more personally connected to Israel or Palestine or neither, or whether we agree or disagree on opinions about the past. Join us in amplifying and supporting their message of non-violence as you campaign and demonstrate:

  • NO to ultra-nationalism
  • NO to airstrikes and police violence
  • NO to rocket attacks and incitement
  • YES to dialogue and a future of coexistence with and in spite of our differences as human beings

We will remember those who have been killed and continue to encourage a focus on the ‘solutions’ side of the new paradigm here in the UK.

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