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Jul, 18 2024

11,000 students reached - our 23/24 term in numbers

As we close our 2023/4 school year, we reflect on what has been one of our most challenging, significant yet powerful years yet. 

"The pain of this year for our communities has been devastating. The progress we make from here will be paramount. It's time to de-escalate, educate, and give the next generation the chance to define a future of peace, justice, equality, and a rejection of hate" - Sharon Booth, our Founder and Director.

Jul, 15 2024

Israel-Palestine: Avoiding Anti-Palestinian and Anti-Israeli Racism

It’s important not to shut down legitimate conversation or protest around Israel-Palestine at a crucial time, but it is also essential that discourse does not stray into xenophobia or racism against Palestinians or Israelis.

May, 28 2024

My Faith, Identity and Belonging in Britain

Ali discusses his journey of identity and belonging in Britain, as well as the need for cross-community opportunities in student leadership.

Apr, 25 2024

“I think of Magen, Hamze, Dina, Khader, Reem & Sara…these are who we need in our classrooms.”

Note: Jess reflects on our work over the last six months, for our #PeaceBuilderVoices matched fundraising campaign. Until April 30th, all donations via our Big Give campaign will be doubled.

Apr, 17 2024

Solutions Not Sides Statement 17 APRIL 2024

Solutions Not Sides is an impartial education charity which supports young people to speak about the Israel and Palestine conflict. We do this by bringing a Palestinian and an Israeli into their classroom so pupils can hear their perspectives. 

We facilitate a conversation, in a safe space, for pupils to ask questions, share their views, and learn from each other.