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Feb, 08 2022

Israel-Palestine: Understanding triggers during dialogue

Dialogue on Israel-Palestine can be challenging, sensitive and requires empathy in order to remain solutions-focused, foster good relations and reduce tensions. Whilst having dialogue it is common for phrases and terms to cause an emotional discomfort or trigger.

Nov, 29 2021

Osaid's Journey

Osaid, a long-time speaker and Fellow with SNS, is a Palestinian Citizen of Israel from Arara. He works as a songwriter, musician and music producer. We're publishing his story to coincide with International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, as at SNS one of our core principles is the importance of putting Palestinian and Israeli voices back at the heart of education and activism on this issue.

Oct, 28 2021

Press Release: Answering some common questions about our work

London, 28th October 2021

For immediate release

Oct, 12 2021

Film Review - 'The Viewing Booth' (2019)

This film review, from SNS Volunteer Dominic, is the second of two reviews of recent films that look at the powerful impact of the ongoing conflict in Israel and Palestine on people's lives. You can read the first review, of the documentary 'Mayor' here. The best place to watch The Viewing Booth is directly from the film's website, here.

Aug, 19 2021

BBC Radio 4 ‘The World at One’ Report on Solutions Not Sides

Aug, 03 2021

Film Review - 'Mayor' (2020)

This film review, from SNS Volunteer Dominic, is the first of two reviews of recent films that look at the powerful impact of the ongoing conflict in Israel and Palestine on people's lives. Look out for Part 2 soon, a review of the film The Viewing Booth. You can watch Mayor on a variety of platforms which can be found here.

Jul, 23 2021

Starting a Podcast During Lockdown

Giovanna is a student at Cambridge University who was a participant in a Solutions Not Sides school workshop while in 6th Form. Here she shares her experience of the 1st COVID-19 lockdown and how she responded to it alongside her friends and a supportive teacher. If you'd be interested in an Israel-Palestine and critical thinking workshop, please contact [email protected]

Jun, 30 2021

Graduates of the Solutions Not Sides Bridge Builders Programme host a webinar on Faith and Mental Health

This February, Solutions Not Sides launched the Bridge Builders Programme, where 24 young people from across the UK joined a month of online workshops and events. Each participant was part of an incubator hub which provided mentorship on organising an activity for the community. Joshua and Isobelle were two graduates from this programme who organised in their incubator hub a webinar on Mental Health and Faith with a number of guest speakers.

Jun, 11 2021

Discussing Israel-Palestine: Creating safe and compassionate spaces for learning

We’re back! 

This time, with our 10-point guide to creating safe spaces in schools:

May, 30 2021

Press Release: Response to Secretary of State for Education letter regarding antisemitism

London, 30 May 2021

For immediate release

We are very pleased that we have been highlighted by the Secretary of State for Education as an organisation that can help address antisemitism around the issue of Israel-Palestine. We also recognise that there has been a serious increase in Islamophobia in the past few weeks, and we will continue to work hard in schools we are invited into to counter Islamophobia, as well.