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Apr, 17 2024

Solutions Not Sides Statement 17 APRIL 2024

Solutions Not Sides is an impartial education charity which supports young people to speak about the Israel and Palestine conflict. We do this by bringing a Palestinian and an Israeli into their classroom so pupils can hear their perspectives. 

We facilitate a conversation, in a safe space, for pupils to ask questions, share their views, and learn from each other. 

Apr, 16 2024

Why Hamze from Palestine & Barak from Israel Became SNS Speakers

At the launch of our annual matched fundraiser this year - which is now live - we asked two speakers who have been speakers in UK schools this year to share their thoughts about why they volunteered, especially at such a crucial and challenging time since the awful events of October 7th 2023 in Israel, and since in Gaza and the West Bank. We've themed the campaign #PeaceBuilderVoices.

Apr, 12 2024

Building An Empathy Culture

By Sharon Booth, Solutions Not Sides' Founder & Executive Director

Mar, 08 2024

Press Release - 100 Tours Milestone Reinforces Need for Values-Driven Educational Approach to Israel-Palestine Learning, Tackling Related Islamophobia & Antisemitism

6th March 2024

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Mar, 07 2024

Let's Talk: Making the Space for Young People to Think Freely and Critically

By Sharon Booth, Solutions Not Sides Founder & Executive Director.

Sharon reflects on what we've learnt after 100 tours in schools and communities.

The best education is when students are exposed to diverse viewpoints, critical-thinking skills, and are allowed space to think for themselves and come to their own conclusions. After 100 school tours across nearly 15 years, we have seen how powerful this can be.