Teacher & Community Leader Training

SNS works in schools across the UK, delivering workshops on conflict in Israel-Palestine. But did you know we also offer training and support to people in the wider community too? We offer digital & in-person training to:

  • teachers
  • local councils
  • charities
  • faith & community leaders
  • interfaith groups

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Why do we offer this training?

Through our decade (plus) of working in communities across the UK, we see time and again a complex situation of conflict hijacked and co-opted for other agendas or simplistic and conspiratorial world-views. As well as the communities experiencing Islamophobia & Antisemitism, some of the people who suffer because of this are our young people. 

We offer four distinct training workshops:
  • "Understanding Israeli & Palestinian Narratives" - discussing the historical narratives & hearing from young Israeli & Palestinians working for change
  • "Understanding Antisemitism & Islamophobia" - how and when discussion of narratives related to Israel & Palestine cross the line and what to do if they do
  • Non-Violent Communication (NVC) training - learning good communication skills for dealing with conflict
  • Media Literacy & 'Spotting Fake News' - Using Israel-Palestine conflict examples, you learn skills and tools to help build media literacy, critical thinking and how spot fake news
Why this training?

This training will help you drive more informed discussion and behaviour related to this subject in your workplace or institution. The CST & Tell MAMA have recently recorded some of the highest ever levels of Antisemitism & Islamophobia, and while most of the discourse surrounding the conflict in Israel-Palestine avoids discrimination and racism, it can and does cross the line.

We offer budget-friendly rates, and we can also run this training alongside classroom-based workshops for students. For more information and to book, click this link or email us at team@soutionsnotsides.co.uk