SNS Resources on Israel-Palestine

These free resources have been developed in-house by the SNS team to offer teachers & their students resource materials that can be used in class or by students learning remotely. They are themed and are designed to be interactive, with multimedia elements, questions, time for reflection, and scope for further reading & learning.

We would strongly advise using these resources alongside booking a full SNS Israel-Palestine workshop, as although they are designed to be used independently, students will get the most out of them if they have a better grasp of the context of the conflict in Israel-Palestine which our workshops provide. For more info and to book, click here.

These resources are free to use & download for schools, teachers & students only. If you are from a different organisation and are interested in utilising these resources in some way, please get in touch with SNS to discuss details.

Learning Resources
Solutions Not Sides School Handbook


This guide has five objectives:

1. To help schools become environments that offer safe and positive learning spaces on this topic on a regular, annual basis

2. To empower teachers in their understanding of the histories of and the current situation regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

3. To support teachers who are thinking about or who are teaching the Palestinian-Israeli conflict

4. To provide teachers with additional resources and connections to deepen the provision of Israeli-Palestinian conflict education

5. To ensure that teachers can support vulnerable students and help eliminate antisemitism, Islamophobia, racism, and dangerous views and behaviours related to the conflict
SNS Guide to Student Interest in Israel-Palestine


Which students in the UK may be affected by events in Israel-Palestine?

Whilst you will likely encounter students from all backgrounds who feel affected by the conflict in one way or another, there are certain students who may feel more emotionally connected to the conflict and some who may feel nothing at all.

Here is our 5-point guide of what to look out for when supporting students’ discussions on this issue.
Activity Pack: Facts, Opinions & 'Fake News'


This activity pack will help you think about the news & media coverage you see every day - on Israel/Palestine and a host of other issues. Some of the interesting questions you'll explore:

  • What's the difference between facts & opinions?
  • What is 'Fake News'?
  • What tools can help me check facts?

This resource is designed to be student-led
Activity Pack: Negotiations in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict


Using your knowledge from other SNS sessions and additional research, what needs do Israelis and Palestinians have in a future solution, and what needs did the latest proposal by the US meet, and which did it not meet?

Create a presentation with up to six slides:

- Israeli needs

- Palestinian needs

- Where the needs meet

- Which needs the US proposal met

- Which needs it did not

- Your ideas for better negotiations

This resource is designed to be student-led
Activity Pack: Activism in The UK


This resource helps you understand the motivations for and reasons behind activism in the UK.

You will explore the following points:

- What kind of activism do people in the UK participate in?

- Why do people in the UK participate in activism to do with Israel and Palestine?

- How does activism influence our society and politics and how do people respond to it?

After reading through each page, either working alone or with a group, design a campaign which promotes a solution to the conflict in Israel-Palestine. This resource will provide you with the tools to do this.

This resource is designed to be student-led