Solutions Not Sides: Setting the record straight

Solutions Not Sides

Solutions Not Sides: Setting the record straight

SNS has been made aware of disinformation campaigns related to its Youth Education Programme. 

We would like to reassure communities that SNS takes seriously its responsibility according to UK law to be politically impartial in its education programme for schools. We educate about various historical narratives and political positions, without dictating to students that they should, or shouldn’t, agree with any of these. Our programme is delivered within a human values framework of non-violence, equality for all, and the rejection of hatred, and the importance of a win-win outcome based on the needs of the Palestinian and Israeli people. Within this framework, students are encouraged to think critically for themselves about what stance, if any, they wish to take on this issue, and what a win-win outcome could look like.

Please see below for more information:

  • 1) A ‘report’ compiled by UK Lawyers for Israel (UKLFI) has been circulated to schools in North London, along with a copy of a letter they have written to the Charity Commission, making a complaint about SNS. In addition, a whatsapp message has been circulated warning parents to ‘be aware’ and raise opposition to SNS being invited to their children’s schools. 
  • SNS categorically rejects the allegations made in the UKLFI ‘report’ and in the complaint letter, including that a Palestinian organisation we work with is promoting violence and extremism. Upon obtaining the advice of leading counsel (KC), we deem their ‘report’ to be defamatory.  No investigation by the Charity Commission has been launched in response to the complaint.


  • 2) An article written by 5Pillars in 2021 and tweets by Lowkey have been circulated in various whatsapp groups across the country, and messages have been sent by 5Pillars to their supporters urging parents to oppose SNS being invited to their children’s schools. 
  • SNS categorically rejects the accusations made by 5Pillars and Lowkey that SNS has a political agenda in favour of Israel and Zionism, which are based on false assumption, conjecture, or outright fabrication. We are a British educational charity that is independent, both financially and in terms of our own unique mission, from any political organisation or movement including OneVoice Movement, and we take input and advice from a wide variety of people in our quest to achieve balance and impartiality in delivering an education programme for British schools. Accusations of normalisation, ‘twosidesism’ and faith washing are misplaced and show a lack of first-hand knowledge both of our work and the requirements of the education sector. Our aim is to empower young people in Year 10 (aged 14+) and above, giving them the unique opportunity to listen to a Palestinian and Israeli peace builder who are dedicated to dialogue, role modelling respectful disagreement, and what it entails to create a win-win outcome for Palestinians and Israelis. As an education charity we do not advocate for a specific solution, we allow young people to think critically about one state, two state, and other solutions, and the extent to which various solutions meet the needs of Palestinians and Israelis.

Our job within a schools’ context is to educate as fully as possible on this issue in an age-appropriate way, within a values framework of non-violence, equality for all, and the rejection of hatred. 

Our organisation offers teacher and parent briefings to schools who are interested in booking our programme, and we are always happy to talk through our curriculum materials and programme ethos with members of school communities so that they can make an informed decision based on firsthand knowledge about whether SNS will be a beneficial educational experience for their students.

We will now seek to take further action based on the smear campaigns that we have been victim of from 5P and UKLFI. We remain open as an organisation to direct communication and collaboration with members of Jewish, Muslim, and other faith groups where that cooperation is undertaken in good faith, and we would like to thank our diverse advisory board members for their input and support over the years. We believe it is imperative that discussion and education on this issue is not shut down in schools, and we look forward to further involving the British Muslim and Jewish communities in our work alongside the many Palestinian and Israeli speakers who have helped to formulate our education programme.

For more information countering the disinformation, please click here

If you would like to speak to a member of our senior leadership team please contact us on [email protected]