The Big Give Christmas Challenge: Doubling your donations

Team Solutions Not Sides

This year we’re taking part in The Big Give Christmas Challenge which means that all your donations will be doubled!

A number of pledgers are kindly giving us an additional £1 for every £1 that is donated.

This is our first ever Christmas Challenge campaign, so we want to let you know how you can help. In order for your donations to be doubled we need you to:

Donate between the 1st and 8th December

Donate online on our Big Give Challenge page

That’s it!

The campaign goes live on Tuesday 1st December at midday and we have one week to reach our target. This year we’re trying to raise £35,000 to fund our Pathway of Understanding initiative. This means that we need £17,500 in donations and the rest will be match funded.

What is the Pathway of Understanding?

The SNS Pathway of Understanding is a journey within a safe space for young people to travel from a position of prejudice, racism and hatred for Jews and/or Muslims due to their views on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, to an understanding of other perspectives and an awakening of empathy for their peers from other backgrounds through the provision of humanising peer-to-peer work between Israelis, Palestinians and British youth, and exposure to diverse narratives and critical-thinking skills.

This will be a great programme that is needed now more than ever. In the past decade and the aftermath of the Brexit referendum, hate crime towards Muslims and Jews has increased. Antisemitism and Islamophobia in Britain’s two main political parties have also hit the headlines recently and the polarisation has become entrenched. Increases in Antisemitism here in Britain have been shown to correlate with escalations in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. For example, according to the Community Security Trust, in July 2014 there was a 400% rise in Antisemitism.

How do I give?

We will update our website and social media and send an email to all our subscribers when the campaign goes live on Tuesday 1st December and you are able to donate – and have your donations matched! You can find the donation page here: