Remembering Dr. Saeb Erekat & Lord Jonathan Sacks

Sharon Booth

We were very sad this month to hear of the passing of Lord Jonathan Sacks and Dr. Saeb Erekat. Here at SNS, part of our learning about the conflict is examining the lives and efforts of leaders like these in trying to promote dialogue, negotiation and to find a way forward on the difficult path to peace - both among our British communities and in Israel-Palestine. They modelled attempts to understand others, whilst also showing leadership and being clear about their own beliefs and views. 

As with all leaders (and all human beings!), they were not without their flaws, but they stood out as people who believed in people - that in the end, nothing extraordinary will happen without the 'ordinary' person. It is this kind of inspiration that we want to pass to the students who participate in our programme - that just like these two individuals who sadly are no longer with us, they can make a difference through their lives and careers on the world's stage.

Sharon Booth is Solutions Not Sides Founder & Director

If you're interested in workshops for British students that model the message and approach of Lord Sack and Dr Erekat, head over to our school's page to learn more: