#HumansOfSNS: Eran & Mehazkim ('Strengthening'): Using Social Media for Activism

Eran Nissan

“In this ongoing series called ‘Humans of SNS’ we’ll be hearing from SNS’ growing network of volunteer speakers - who become Fellows after taking part in an SNS tour - about a host of topics. We want them to share personal stories; examples of their activism; their feelings about the past and their hopes for the future.” - SNS

My name is Eran and I’ve come to the UK with SNS for tours in Bradford, London and to also take part in their Student Leadership Programme. As a committed peace activist in Israel, I’m passionate about the power people have to change their reality and the society around them.

I am the Chief Operating Officer of “Mehazkim”. Mehazkim (in Hebrew: Strengthening, or empowering) is a progressive political movement, founded to strengthen the voices advocating for equality, justice and peace in Israel. Mehazikm’s theory of political change is harnessing social networks and various digital platforms in order to empower the voices of ordinary citizens.

We use social media to give a voice to young people. We are a loudspeaker of political hope but also of anger, frustration and rage, and for excitement and enthusiasm. Let us say you have something you want to say, and you write a Facebook post about it. Instead of having only your friends see it, comment on it, maybe share it – Mehazkim will help you reach hundreds of thousands of people. We believe that your voice matters because it can inspire someone else to stand up and speak out. 

We understand that there is a chasm between the public and politicians. This global political crisis of the progressive left is pushing our generation to become less political. Mehazkim sees itself as a political instrument aimed at tackling political hopelessness and despair and increasing hope and optimism.

Mehazkim was created in order to effectively push back against the institutional decades-long delegitimisation of the political left, the extreme polarisation in Israel, the orchestrated disintegration of the democratic space by the right-wing government, and the rise of nationalism, racism and fundamentalism in Israeli society.