Digital Programming

To respond to the COVID-19 disruption to young people's education, and to support teachers and community leaders across the UK, SNS now offer a range of all-digital workshop, learning & training opportunities:

  • Digital School Workshops

  • Teacher & Community Leader Training

  • Israel-Palestine-UK Student Club

Digital School Workshops

Solutions not Sides (SNS) primarily engages students at the opinion-forming stage (14-18 years of age), ensuring that the students engage with the subject of conflict within the safe space of a structured educational environment.

The educational sessions for Year 10 to Year 13 are the central activity of the programme and include activities on general conflict under-standing, critical-thinking skills and conflict resolution with the application of these principles to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Our workshops can now be delivered digitally - click here for more information and to book.

Teacher & Community Leader Training:

SNS works in schools across the UK, delivering workshops on conflict in Israel-Palestine. But did you know we also offer training and support to people in the wider community too? We offer digital training to:

  • teachers

  • local councils

  • charities

  • faith & community leaders

  • interfaith groups

Book here.

Israel-Palestine-UK Student Club

If your school has already done an SNS session, you can give your students a unique new opportunity to connect with their peers in Israel-Palestine and engage in a collaborative project. We have partnered with a number of local organisations for our new peer-to-peer programme which sees 10 of your students spend a supervised hour each week, for four weeks, online with 10 of their peers in Israel & Palestine, focusing on different aspects of identity, its meaning, and the power of youth, each week. This programme is fully supervised by SNS DBS-checked staff. Contact the programme director to find out more details here.