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Helping you prepare your students to get the most out of our visit.

We partner with Parallel Histories who provide educational resources which teach the history of the conflict, to help prepare your students for the SNS workshop and visit from our speakers. They use a dual narrative approach which reflects our shared belief that there’s no possibility of progress until you understand both sides on their own terms and in their own words.

Parallel Histories now run online historical debates about the contested history of Israel and Palestine. Every team gets to debate twice, once on each ’side’, there’s individual feedback from teachers, and the focus is on developing skills and the atmosphere is collaborative not competitive. They went online in June and the feedback has been very positive:

“I had a debrief with the team at lunch time, and they were absolutely buzzing!  We’ve done a couple of debating competitions before (none of them virtual, it has to be said), and several of them thought that this was the best one by far.  They really appreciated the opportunity to discuss such controversial topics

History and Politics department, Sixth Form and FE College, 17th June 2020

Every school is different and we can tailor your pre-visit preparation sessions to suit your needs. For example, we can orient the preparatory work towards:

  • Religious Studies/History/Geography or Citizenship
  • Ensure it is age appropriate
  • Tie in to where you are in your year’s syllabus 
  • And most importantly tailor the work to fit the time you will be able to find for this